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Learn how to use your DSLR

17 Lectures $99

This course teaches you the intricacies of your digital camera (DSLR) to help you become a great digital photographer. Learn about your digital camera’s key features and how (and when) to use them to take full control over the look of your images. Finally, discover important composition techniques that professional photographers use to create beautiful, memorable photos.


Learn B&W Photography

14 Lectures $99

Take your photography to the next level and discover the art of black and white photography. Fine-tune your understanding of exposure and composition in relation to its conversion to black and white. Learn how to seamlessly convert your color images to black and white using the least destructive methods. Discover how to create powerful and engaging black and white images using professional composition techniques.

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Landscape photography

1 Lectures $99

Photographing mountains, trees, seascapes, or scenic vistas? Learn how to capture fantastic landscape pictures, every time. Discover the essential elements of good landscape photography and how to recognize the opportune moment where the elements of photography combine to produce strong and stunning landscape compositions.


Baby photography

1 Lectures $99

Photographing newborns, babies, toddlers...? Learn how to capture unique, creative, and exciting pictures of little ones. Discover great ways to capture emotion-filled candid images, as well as how to shoot captivating photos of your kids or grandkids before they grow up.


Portrait photography

1 Lectures $99

Learn how to capture memorable portraits, whether you want to create compelling head shots, professional group or family portraits, or simply capture better photos of your friends and loved ones. This class will teach you to make your subject - not your camera - the focus of successful portraiture. Learn how to make outstanding pictures of people in a variety of situations, so you can take consistently better portrait images.


Pet photography

1 Lectures $99

Learn the secrets for capturing the beauty and personality of your "best friend". Discover the tips and techniques used by professionals to create memorable pet photography images. Learn how to shoot captivating photos of your pets in a variety of situations, even when they are less than cooperative!


Macro photography

1 Lectures $99

Macro photography is a fascinating way to capture and beautify the simplest of subjects – from flowers to butterflies, even ice crystals and the tiniest of crawly creature. Learn the essentials elements you’ll need to make the most powerful close-up photographs possible. Create stunning pictures of subjects and see them in ways you never have before.