All of our tutors are world-class professional photographers who are currently working in their chosen field and are producing cutting-edge, high quality work. They have a passion for photography and also for teaching. Let them help unleash the photographer inside of you!


Aurelia d’Amore

Specialty: Wedding & Child Photography

Smiling faces, curious squirrels, and friendly donkeys are just a few of Aurelia’s favorite photographic collaborators. She loves to capture tender moments, create funny ones, and click until there’s no more light left. Aurelia is passionate about photography and the opportunities it lends to exploration and human connections. Read more



Darien Davis

Specialty: Portrait Photography

Darien Davis was born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He has come a long way from his homeland he calls “The Rock”. After high school, Davis studied photography briefly in Boston, where city life inspired him to continue pursuing his passion in New York City. Davis is degreed from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) Read more


Wendy Hope

Specialty: Fashion Photography

Capricorn. Driven. Focused. Ambitious. Wendy was born and raised in New York City. Wendy Hope is a fun and whimsical photographer. Wendy has an abundance of energy, unlimited creativity and a clear vision. She is experienced in producing and photographing high-end beauty and cosmetic campaigns, as well as elaborate production of celebrity advertising. Read more


Dan Keinan

Specialty: Journalism Photography

As a photojournalist Keinan’s main focus has been reporting on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Throughout the wars, Keinan has photographed both sides and sought to portray the consequences of violence suffered by all those in conflict. His recent work is concerned with social and political conditions and its effects on children. Read more


Ellen Stone

Specialty: Macro & Travel Photography

I guess you could call me a late bloomer.  I went back to school after the birth of my sons and in my final year of college, took a photography class for the fun of it.  I became hooked on learning all there was to know about photography.  I’ve taken many classes and workshops since that first class with the most inspiring teachers, such as Peter Reiss and Bobbie Lane at UCLA… Read more